USD/JPY have slumped to the lowest for this November, risk aversion dominates

            Japan is currently one of the strongest economy in the country, with the several innovation in the platter. There is no downsizing in the employment sector. USD/JPY has stayed stuck in a higher range which has fell below the mark of 109 mark while there has been a majority average in a day. It has lost the footing in the session and has felt the lowest level at 113.42. The USD/JPY has been trading at 113.48 which has lost 0.4% in the intra-day.

There has been majority equity index in the US, has started the lower day while there has been amid escalation over the escalation. There has been huge trade conflict of US-China trade, while there has been huge heavy selling pressure that surrounding the technology shares. The stocks have been extended the slide in the session, while JPY has found the industrial demand which has been a safer alternative that has dragged this pair bit lower. At this moment, both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 Index has been on a primary downside at around 1.8% on lower the intra-day, on the other hand, NASDAQ Composite Index has been erasing 3% Growth rate.       

            On the other hand, there is aversion of risk which has primarily boosted the demand for the Treasury Bonds, which has pulled the yields on much lower side. The greenback ha actually weaken against the peers. The US Dollar ($) Index has been on the rise, the greenback has been against 6 major currencies which has hit lowest at 0.27% on the day of 96.34.

            On Tuesday, the Japan government has not released any macro-economic data release. There has been no major risk in the perception which I s not likely to stay at the pair movement


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