GBP /USD gains ahead of UK Earnings Report

Yesterday, there was an official declaration by Theresa May about the Great Britain quite exit in BREXIT. In a currency market, the GBP has received a bullish view, while the sterling has shown a rising sign on around 1.2891 level while the BREXIT hopes to turn back once more. There has a high probability of rise as one of the crucial indicator comes from key UK Data, which has actually further derailed GBP bulls, in case if the number doesn’t shown the mark. 

The currency pair ‘GBP/USD’ is trading at the level of 1.305 while making a room to handle the uplifment on a pair by slight above than +0.005% change. The BREXIT has however shown a major concern on how the Pound actually gets broaden in the scape goat manner with a final deal, which will be appearing for the week at again in the dashing rocks.

When the news broke up GBP climbed up in the form, thus breaking the US Dollar ($) that causes to go on board with the mannerism. There was a bull-run which has likely to have an impact on UK earnings figures can distract investors from the notable lack of forward momentum on BREXIT proceedings.    

            On today’s day, there seen a lot of number crunching we have seen with the latest average earnings from London. The earning also includes the bonuses that has actually shown an annualised quarter while there has been a healthier growth  rate as compare to previous number of 2.4%, while the earnings from the bonuses is wiely expected to remain stagnant at 3.3%.

            In the BREXIT front, there has seen a huge hope that has remained a skeleton for the notable works at BREXIT, which was submitted by the UK prime minister and forecasted the way about how they have changed the entire scenario. There has been a huge fall-out which has actually call out for an emergency in the cabinet meeting which has actually caused an amid backlash in their parliament. While there is also a ray of hope which might be announced in the month of December meeting which has actually caused a loss of severe expectations from a BREXIT scenario which will be going to take out of window, while the GBP has turned a huge exchange rate for them.     

The currency pair ‘GBP/USD’ Levels to watch

The Cable shows a reading with a heavy heart while Seven Star FX analyst has noted that the risk will remain quite skewed to the downside, as shown in H4 chart, there has been a technical indicators that has corrected an extreme oversold conditions before resuming their declines, it has actually shown a bearish slopes, as the price tend to develops well below its moving averages.

The 20-SMA has shown a major gain downward which is inside the traction and which is about to cross below the 200 EMA level, which shown a reading of 1.3012.

Support levels:

1.2876 1.2780 1.2732

Resistance levels: 

1.2883 1.2946 1.2968